Bite Problems?

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The T-scan III Computerized Occlusal (Bite) Analysis System (Tekscan Inc., South Boston, MA USA) overcomes the known limitations of Articulating Paper. Traditionally, Dentists have used a thin piece of blue paper (Articulating Paper) for patients to bite on leaving marks at areas of contact. The digital T-scan quantifies and displays relative bite force information, so Dr. Jon & Dr. Jake can minimize repeated errors of incorrect bite contact selection that often occur form relying solely on the combination of dental articulating paper and patient feel. Studies repeatedly show that it can be very difficult for a clinician to predictably identify which bite contact has more force than the others nearby when using articulating paper alone. By enabling us to identify previously unobtainable bite force characteristics (which have never been possible to detect with articulation paper), the T-Scan III can help ensure that high quality and complete occlusal end-results are predictably obtained from clinical occlusal treatment.

Benefits associated with T-scan

  • Improved Results
  • Minimize Destructive Forces
  • Preserve Dentistry
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Eliminate extra visits
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